Comprehensive Product Line

•Backing Plates
•Carbide pins
•Cutting Tools
•Ejector Pins
•Machine Parts
•Micro Tools
•Mounting Plates
•Pierce Punch
•Quill Cases and Inserts
•Recess Punches
•Shave Tools
•Slug Discharge Tubes
•Steel Pins
•Stripper Pins
•Torx® andTorxPlus® Tooling
•Wear Parts

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Primary Header Tools

Available from Kunshan, China

Tools for quality fastener and component manufacturing.

  • Economical choice for highly consumable tool requirements.
  • 1D2B to complex multi-blow header equipment.
  • Die cases, inserts, pins, punches, transfer fingers, etc.
  • Global manufacturing at lower costs.

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Critical Header Tools

Continued commitment from Westland, MI

Tools for the manufacture of the most demanding high precision parts and components.

  • Tightly toleranced, highly engineered.
  • Highly polished.
  • Extended tool life / minimal downtime.
  • Complex geometries.
  • Advanced coatings.

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