Repair Program

Die Loadiing and Repair Specialists
Our innovative repair program for heat shrink die assemblies and screw plug assemblies provides a unique solution for reusing valuable components.
This cost effective and time saving system starts with semi-finished blanks already in stock which drastically reduces lead times.

How it Works

    When you set up a repair program through the LinkTool Group, we will stock replacement items for your punch or die assemblies at our facility in order to provide you with the most efficient turnaround possible– allowing you to minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly.
    When we receive your used dies, we disassemble, inspect, and replace only what is worn; then resize after the assembly process. Replacing only failed components and reusing those that are still in good condition saves you time and money.
    Then, final inspection by our highly experienced quality technicians will ensure that all specifications are met.

    Our goal is to help you maximize your production. Let us customize a repair program for you so you are prepared for the inevitable.